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What a Productive Pair

The rest of my Monday was splendid! Let’s chat about it…

I met up with my friend Elyse today for coffee. Elyse is one of my very best friends (and future roomie for next year). She was in Hawaii all winter for study abroad so I haven’t seen her since mid-December. It killed her that she was 5,000 miles away when my dad died. She’d supported me so much Fall semester, so when it came to the end, she wanted nothing less than to be there next to me.

She brought me my belated Christmas present, which I promptly opened and LOVED.

Happiness Tiki

How cute is that?! It’s a Tiki figurine. Elyse is always concerned with whether or not I’m happy, because she knows about my past with depression. What a great friend. On the underside of the figurine there was an explanation:

I love my little Tiki man. 🙂

At 4pm my lovely friend Emily picked me up to go over to the children’s hospital. On the way there I gave her the inside scoop on my new found unemployment. It’s such a juicy story! 😉

I loved the hospital. I’d never been to a children’s hospital before. It was so cool! Their way of transporting young patients is pulling them around in wagons. How cute?! And there’s a huge playground out front. The inside was really nice, and I loved the look of the cafeteria and kitchen. I met some of Emily’s coworkers who were all really friendly, and her boss Jessica was very cool. She’s young, only 24 I think, and Emily says she’s great to work for. She walked us over to the office where they keep applications, and I filled it out on the spot and handed it right to the boss. She said she’d be in touch. I hope I get this job!! It’s so competitive getting jobs at hospitals. If there’s any chance of me getting one, I feel like this is the chance. What could be better than meeting with the boss herself while your standing beside one of her best employees? I’ve got my fingers crossed!!

After we were finished at the hospital we went down the road to Trader Joe’s. It was Emily’s first time. She loved it! Here’s the loot:

Top Row: creamy almond butter w/ sea salt; Cashew Macademia Delight trek mix; organic trek mix, chocolate dipped nut clusters

Bottom Row: raw almonds, raw whole cashews, shelled dry roasted unsalted pistachios, macademia nut pieces

Two cans of white chicken meat, two cans of Vegetable Lentil soup, and a packet of taco seasoning (no MSG!)

Up top: mini milk chocolate peanut butter cups; Bottom: yogurt covered raisins

Clockwise from top left: Berry Medley frozen berries, Chile Lime chicken burgers, BBQ pulled chicken breast, veggie meatballs

What a good trip and a productive day! Emily and I were pretty darn pleased with ourselves for being an awesome duo. I’m seriously excited for the food I picked up at Trader Joe’s. However, when I got back to the apartment it was already 8pm and I was completely exhausted. I decided to hold off on tearing into my new goodies. They were too special to waste on a last minute dinner. Instead I heated up one cup of store-bought roasted red pepper soup to which I added 1/2 c cooked brown rice. Along side I munched on some triscuits with a laughing cow wedge. No picture, because the food looked boring. Tasted great though!

Almost time to go to bed. This week is going to be crazy. Let’s take a glimpse at my schedule:

  • Tuesday: Microbiology 8am-9:15am; Women Studies 11-12:15pm; introducing myself to NTDT250 as their TA 12:30-12:45pm; yoga class 4:30-5:30; activity’s night 6:15pm-8pm
  • Wednesday: Micronutrients: 10:10-11am; Meeting: 12pm-?; tentative meeting: 4pm-?
  • Thursday: Microbiology 8am-9:15am; Women Studies 11-12:15pm; spin class (the first class taught by one of my best friends!) 4:15-5:15pm
  • Friday: Appointment @ counseling center: 8am; Micronutrients: 10:10-11am; Work: 12pm-8pm
  • Saturday: Work: 12pm-8pm
  • Sunday: Work: 12pm-8pm; collapse


On a brief (adorable) side note, my mom sent me an e-mail today asking me for “a cute picture of the two of us” that I’d taken in the kitchen recently. The second I read that I knew exactly the photo she was talking about:

When I asked her what she wanted the picture for, she said that she just wanted to see it because it makes her smile. How cute is my MOM?!? Haha, I adore this lady, and her feisty blonde spikey hair. She’s fierce. 😉

Alright, time to jot down some things in my planner for tomorrow, organize my life a bit, and then get some shuteye since my alarm will be going off at 7am. Wish me luck with my first day of class!!

Later mamasitas,




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