Food Hangover

I officially put in my two weeks at work yesterday! I talked to the new GM (general manager) Pam, who is the highest manager in the restaurant. I explained to her why I was leaving, giving her examples of how I felt singled out, under appreciated, and uncomfortable in the work environment. Some of the things I said shocked her, and she said she completely understood why I would want to leave, but was upset by it. She tried to convince me to just cut down on my hours, but I stood strong. πŸ™‚

I’m already looking for bigger & better things. Today, I’m going with my very good friend Em to meet her boss at a children’s hospital. I’m hoping to get hired in their dietary department, something I desperately need on my resume to make it complete for applying to dietetic internships next year. If I get this job, then the combination of high GPA/ TA/ research assistant/ club executive board positions/hospital employment will make me a highly competitive applicant. Cross your fingers for me that the boss and I will hit it off, and she’ll find room in her department to hire me!!!

Last night’s superbowl party was so much fun! Although I didn’t really know many of the girls, they were all sweethearts and we had such a great time. We didn’t pay much attention to the game (puppy bowl was KILLER though! and the kitty halftime?! adorable), but we enjoyed food, chatting, and commercials. I did, however, stuff myself with food. :-/ I woke up this morning with a rough food hangover. After eating my way through the blizzard and superbowl, I’m looking forward to getting back on track with healthy eating.

In response to the food hangover, I started my day off with a cup of Stomach Ease yogi tea and a yogurt bowl.

The perfect way to kickstart a day of healthier eating.

Did anyone see Undercover Boss last night after the superbowl? I thought it was phenomenal! What a great concept, and it was executed perfectly. I’m really looking forward to next week’s show, hopefully I remember to watch it! I’m so bad at remembering when shows are on.

We’re supposed to get *6-12 more inches of snow* between Tuesday late afternoon and Wednesday. Is it possible that we’ll have class canceled on Wednesday too?! The roads and walkways are still horrible, with another layer of snow coming, it’ll be nearly impossible to travel in this town by car, bus, or foot. What a crazy start to Spring semester.

Now I’m settling in to lunch and a few hours of hanging around before my friend picks me up at 4pm to head to the hospital. Lunch is a veggie burger topped with tomato sauce, reduced fat mozzerella, and a sprinkle of oregano on a toasted whole wheat thin with a side of steamed broccoli. Mmmm smells & tastes delicious.

melted to perfection

Enjoy your Monday,




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Blizzard Alert

Since the clock struck noon at the exact time that I started writing this post, I guess I’ll start off by saying good afternoon instead of good morning. πŸ˜‰

We got snowed in!!! Two feet of snow came down between Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon. The roads are pretty well plowed, but very icy. However, NO walkways are shoveled out in my apartment complex, so getting from the building’s front entrance to the parking lot requires trudging through knee high snow. This is why I really haven’t left the apartment that much this weekend, lol.

My Friday night shift at work sucked. Manager T was on my behind the second that my shift started. I spent the 5 hours of my shift keeping myself busy and avoiding the managers because I didn’t want to give them any reason to scold me. I left at 10pm and walked home, walking into the wind with snow pounding my face. I stopped at the 7-eleven around the corner from my apartment building and picked up a little piece-of-heaven known as Ben & Jerry’s Frozen Yogurt Half Baked.

When I finally got back to the apartment I took off all my cold, wet clothes, put on my pj’s and settled onto the couch with the pint and a spoon. The ice cream totally lost the battle and surrendered to my belly. πŸ˜€

One of my bff’s Kelsey who lives in another building in my apartment complex came over at around 11pm and hung out with me. We made some hot cocoa, opened up the blinds in the living room, and watched the wicked storm while listening to some killer elevator jazz music on the weather channel. For two hours we sat, talked, laughed, and watched Jersey Shore spoofs online. It was the best ending to my day.

I was supposed to open the restaurant at 9:30am on Saturday. At 9 I got a text that they were opening the restaurant at 1pm. I got up, looked outside, and it was crazy outside! Wind was blowin’ and the snow had not let up at all. I texted the manager back and said that I’d been sick for a week and was not walking through a blizzard to work because it would just make me more sick. Take that!

Yesterday’s breakfast was a mug of warm banana oats with a big, melty, sinful blob of natural peanut butter and a sprinkle of trail mix.

Not bad, but yogurt is still my favorite.

I spent all of yesterday sitting around in my apartment, being a bum. I watched TV, ate quite a bit of food, and drank my new favorite concoction:

Hot cocoa + Bailey’s + Peppermint Schnapps = Candy Cane Cocoa Bliss

My friends have informed me that I am officially a genius for putting this one together. πŸ˜‰

I’m no quitter, but…

I’ve decided to put my two weeks in at work today. After a really horrible week at the restaurant, I’ve just decided to get out of the negative environment. There are several reasons why I’m leaving:

  • I don’t want to be in a work environment where I’m afraid to ask my bosses any questions, even innocent simple things.
  • I’ve been very very sick for the past week, and I got completely derailed by a nasty case of strep throat last semester. Both bouts of illness are directly related to working at the restaurant. I got strep after a really crazy homecoming weekend at the pub, and I started getting sick this time right after I returned to work after weeks off. I can’t keep beating down my immune system with long shifts and overwhelming work stress.
  • I’ve got a tough semester this spring. I’m taking microbiology and microbiology lab which is supposed to be nearly impossible, and I’m going to be a TA for a class of peers which will be stressful. With three other classes and executive board positions on two clubs, it’s going to take a lot of work just to not feel overwhelmed. I don’t need to add 8 hour or 9 hour shifts on top of that. For example, next week (the first week of the semester) I have class Tuesday through Friday morning (Monday classes were canceled due to snow), and then I have work from 12-8pm Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. I just can’t maintain that through the semester.

I’ve got a couple ideas for other jobs, but I’m not worrying about it too much. I’m just really excited to put my foot down and quit!

Superbowl Sunday Funday

A few days ago I came up with this awesome idea: a girls only superbowl party. Emphasis on food, chatting, and commercials, less emphasis on the game. The day has come and we’re officially doing it. I’m excited for it, even though there won’t be many girls that I actually know that well at the party. In fact, out of the eight other girls, I really only know my roomie and one other girl. But, they sound really cool so I’m keeping an open mind.

The superbowl menu includes:

  • Tortilla chips, pita chips, pretzels
  • Salsa, hummus, spinach dip
  • Piggies in blankets
  • Fudgy brownies

There may be more, I’m not 100% sure. But so far, so good!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, whether you’re watching the big game, going to a party, or just relaxing at home. Two days till Spring Semester. Ahhhhh!

Later alligators,



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Don’t Cry, Don’t Cry

No food post about yesterday, because yesterday sucked. 😦

I worked from 12pm to 8pm, still had no rest and was feeling completely drained. My shift was going well though, I was connecting with all my tables, making good money, having a fine time.

Then, my manager pulled me aside. One of my coworkers wanted to switch shifts with me next week, and I agreed to take his closing shift in return for my shift. The manager said he didn’t want to make the switch because the last time I closed he “didn’t hear good things”, then went on to say that when I’m asked to do things I need to do them right away and not “lollygag as much”.

Needless to say, after that I felt like shit. The manager, who I’ll simply refer to as T is never particularly nice to me. Whenever I ask him for something he gives me a look like “what do you want” and whenever I ask him to do a simple thing like swipe his card to comp something I accidentally put into the computer wrong (a simple mistake, we all have them) he talks to me as if I’m a horrible employee. They always say that the managers are there to help us, that we should feel comfortable going to them… how am I supposed to feel comfortable when I’m always feeling belittled?

The last time I closed, the closing manager was D. D & T are best buds and kind of like overgrown frat boys. They like the sorority girls that work at the pub, they like the girls that they think are hot, and they like the guys. I don’t fit into those categories, so I’m basically just in their way.

When I closed on Tuesday, I clocked out at 1:25am, 25 minutes after closing. That’s pretty much on par with when I get out when I’m closing with someone else who’s helping me. I was all by myself doing everything and I think I did it as quick as I could. I did ask D to help me put the chairs up on all the tables in the restaurant, because that’s really tiresome work for one girl, I know a guy can do it in half the time. I also had several coworkers who assured me that one of the guys would help me with the chairs. However, D walked right past me and ignored me when I asked for help. Did I walk away and do another job, hoping that someone would do the chairs for me? No, I went and hoisted every single chair up onto the tables.

There was also another day that D asked me to wipe down the bird crap that had gotten on one of the windows when a bird got into the store. I kept putting it off because I had customers. Finally I was going to do it, but then I realized the stain was 10 ft off the ground. I told D I couldn’t do it, he told me to get on a chair and do it. My uniform at work is a miniskirt, and I just don’t feel comfortable getting on a chair in the restaurant and reaching up to clean the window, especially if I still have people at my tables. You could basically see up my skirt if I do that! I had the busser do it for me as a favor, and I stand by that.

Now I will admit that I am not the perfect employee. Last week I did something that I could have gotten fired for. It was stupid, and not reflective of my true character at all, and I regret it immensely. I can understand being upset with me for that, but this lollygagging sh*t is really just petty in my opinion.

When I was finally done with my shift, I went to check out with T. It’s really stressed to us at work that we need to get people to sign up to be part of the “VIP Club”, and they want to see X amount of VIP slips every shift. I get frustrated because people just don’t want to get hounded to sign up for e-mail lists. Yesterday I got 0 VIPs, and when T asked me how many VIPs I got and I said “none” he looked at me and said “What did you do all day?”

I’ll tell you what I did… I worked. I made connections with all my tables. I got to know them personally, and made them feel like they knew me. I made them want to come back again and have another great experience. I can tell you something interesting about every single one of my tables yesterday.

  • One guy was a organic chemistry professor who likes to teach chemistry in a logical way, as opposed to teaching it in a way that stresses memorization.
  • Another gentleman was an engineering professor who has been working on a text book for 2 years.
  • I met a junior Civil Engineering major, going to his last English class of winter semester. They were doing presentations, he’d already done his.
  • I met another girl who was heading from the bar to the library to study for her two finals the next day.

The list goes on. Did I get VIPs yesterday? No. But do any of the other servers get to know their customers so well? I doubt it.

I was super frustrated and upset but I made a point to not let it show at work. I kept telling myself “Don’t cry, don’t cry”. On the way home, as I went over the shift in my head, I started to get emotional. When I got into the apartment a few tears started to form in my eyes.

Then I turned on my laptop and I saw my desktop photo:

This picture reminds me of a photo that we have at home of my dad and I when I was really little. We’re walking together, holding hands. But when you look really close, I actually have my entire fist wrapped around his index finger.

I saw that picture, and I started hysterically crying. It hit me, oh my god my dad’s really gone. He can’t comfort me right now, he can’t tell me it’s all going to be OK, he’s gone and he’ll never be back.

I cried and cried and cried. I cried for about an hour straight, then I had bouts of tears periodically throughout the rest of the night. When it hits you that a loved one is gone, it hits really hard. Harder than you can imagine, deeper than any pain you’ve ever felt before.

I didn’t fall asleep until after 3:30am, and I kept waking up with violent coughs.

I woke up feeling miserable, and I have to go back to work again tonight. I just don’t want to go. I’m seriously dreading it.

Due to the big blizzard about to hit the east coast (estimates of 12-24″ for us) I doubt there will be much business tonight. Hopefully I’ll have a short, uneventful shift. I’m also supposed to open at 9:30am tomorrow. I’m praying that we get enough snow by morning that I don’t have to go in. I can’t think of anything worse than walking across town in a snow storm to work for people that make you feel like crap.

Wish me lots of luck and lots of snow. I need both.


P.S. I’m trying to decide on whether or not I want to talk to T tonight and tell him how I feel like he’s always belittling me. What do you guys think? Stand up for myself or stay quiet and hope it gets better on its own? I feel like my only chance at a better relationship with him is if I make him see how he makes me feel. Otherwise, he’ll just keep being a jerk.


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No Rest for the Overworked

Gooooooood Morning.

It’s a seriously beautiful morning today, I have no idea how chilly it is outside, but the sun is just glorious. Yesterday was another long day. Recap:

Lunch was quick & easy: garlic herb chicken breast + Sargento’s reduced fat swiss + Smart Balance mayo on a whole wheat sandwich thin with a side of carrots and a fuji apple.

At 2pm I had a meeting across town with my favorite Dietetics professor. I’m going to be her undergraduate TA this semester for one of her classes. I’m so excited! It’s a class of primarily sophomores, with some juniors in there too, so I’ll be TA-ing a class of peers. A little nerve-racking, but I love this professor and I think it’s going to be a really great experience (not to mention, super impressive on a resume).

I spent 45 minutes in her office, then came back home to relax a bit before work. I knew I needed to eat something, so I had some chu-chu-chu-cheetahs (have you noticed all the SnackFace lovin’ lately?! That girl has a killer blog!). I enjoyed my orange discs of heaven with lots of organic ketchup (although my eyes were bigger than my mouth and I didn’t eat all that ketchup, but ya know that I didn’t waste any of the cheetahs.)

I was a little hungry still on the way to work at 4:30, but I decided that I’d just wait until I got a chance to eat at work.

…Bad idea.

I go to work, and it was mayhem. There was some big media-governor-twitter event at the pub that drew in a massive crowd of people. I didn’t work the party, which was fine by me because I was not feeling energetic enough for that, but they were all crowded around right by the kitchen, so whenever I had to run food, it took forever. I ended up hiding out in the kitchen for the majority of the first two hours of my shift to stay away from the masses! I didn’t pick at any food because there were “corporate people” floating around, and the last thing I needed was to get scolded.

I got a table around 6:30, a nice couple, very easy. Then, the owner of the entire chain of pubs sat in my section and I had to serve him!! Talk about STRESSFUL. I did well, but I can’t even tell you how happy I was when they finished their meal and left. I also had a table of regulars who requested me, a table of four men who were really fun (I actually sat down at one point and hung out with them for about ten minutes), and a few members of the band that played last night sat in my section too. The band was really fun, called Modern Bliss. I heard the first part of their set (they did a shout out to me during my favorite song – Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon), they were really good! I finally clocked out at 11pm and said goodbye to the band before they hit the stage again. They wanted to buy me drinks and hang out, but since I’m only 20, I had to decline. What a bummer!!

From 4pm to 11:30pm I had one fry, two potato chips, 1/3 a potato skin dipped in sour cream, and 1/2 an apple. Thank god waitressing is a busy job, this snacking fiend would not be able to last 7 hours on just that usually. But, when I’m running around the restaurant and chatting it up with tables, my stomach forgets to growl. You can bet, though, that when I got back to the apartment at 11:30 I was starving. I quickly changed out of work clothes, into PJs, and made myself a light, late night meal.

Polaner’s all-fruit strawberry jelly (the seedy kind – so goooood) and natural peanut butter on a whole wheat sandwich thin with an orange. Nothing hits the spot after a long shift at work like the smooth, creamy taste of peanut butter.

It didn’t take long to chow down all that, and I considered eating more, but I decided not to. I’m really happy that I’ve gotten better at listening to what my body needs instead of just mindlessly raiding the kitchen. Although I don’t think that I ate enough calories yesterday for how active I was, it makes no sense to stuff myself right before bed. I’m a firm believer than no one day affects your body that much, it’s really your average intake over time. One low calorie day won’t hurt.

Last night my cough was alive and kicking all night long, even with NyQuil in my system. I got barely any sleep last night, it was miserable. I woke up at 8am and felt like a truck had hit me. I hit snooze three or four times and then finally dragged myself out of bed. I’m convinced that by Saturday afternoon I will have absolutely no voice. 😦

When I rolled out of bed I went straight into the bathroom to shower. The hot water helped wake me up, but my stomach was screaming for some food and my throat was begging for some relief. I tossed on some clothing and charged into the kitchen, immediately starting up the tea kettle and getting to work on my breakfast.

That’s the adorable tea box that we have on our kitchen counter. I organized the tea, and can you guess which section is where I keep the Throat Comfort and Breathe Deep teas?! The near empty one, sadly. 😦 I drank my last cup of Throat Comfort this morning. I still have some more Breathe Deeps elsewhere in the kitchen cabinets, but I’m mourning the loss of my favorite cup of tea. I’ll have to restock the next time I make it to the store.

Along with my warm cup o’ happiness, I enjoyed my staple breakfast: chobani 0% plain + thawed frozen mixed berries + kashi goLean & crunch! + 7 almonds. Always satisfying.

My version of Morning Glory

I tried to be all artistic and capture the morning sun hitting the chunky mounds of cereal in the yogurt.

Plan for today? Work. Today will probably be my hardest shift of the week, 12pm-first cut. That means I’m working the lunch and dinner rush. I’m semi-dreading it and trying to tell myself that I’ll survive. After today, I’m over the hump and I’ll only have two more days left. Then I get Sunday all to myself, and Monday classes start. I’m pretty sure I’m going to kick off Spring semester with a fierce cold since I really don’t have much of an opportunity to rest between now and then.

Wish my luck with my day at work! I’ll be high on mucinex, coffee, and cough drops. ;-P



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Endless, Exhausting Evening

What a long night, chicas.

Let’s start off with yesterday’s lunch. I had my version of a crack wrap (ala SnackFace): Flat out wrap + 1/2 c black beans + wilted greens + 1 laughing cow wedge + a splash of organic Newman’s Own salsa grilled to perfection in the George Foreman. Laughing cow wedges areΒ  sooo sinfully good when warmed up, it gets all melty and rich tasting. Yum. Along side was the last of my frozen broccoli and a navel orange.

The afternoon was extremely productive. I met up with two girls from the NEDAC executive board at Starbucks. It was great to see the girls again, I missed them so much while I was home. We did some awesome brainstorming, seriously genius ideas were flowing. While working, I sipped on a Tall Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte, for only 90 calories it was the perfect afternoon sweet treat. (It also has 9 grams of protein and 30% of your day’s calcium, which makes it even sweeter.)

Mobile Upload

We spent about an hour in Starbucks, then headed down the street to the university’s Student Centers office. There we talked to this great woman named Darlene about a big display we’re trying to make to promote the National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. We also stood around a computer and designed the executive board’s sweeeeeet sweatshirts. Here’s what the finished product will look like:

NEDAC w/ National Eating Disorder Awareness Committe underneath

NEDA symbol w/ "Until Eating Disorders are History" underneath

All exec's get their positions on their sleeve, this one happens to be mine! πŸ™‚

Thank you for being the best site!

Needless to say, the three of us girls felt quite accomplished after our successful afternoon. I headed back to my apartment and got there just in time to eat and get ready for work. I needed a pre-work meal that would keep me full for hours but was easy to make since I didn’t have much time on my hands. I ended up making an open face sandwich w/ vegetarian meatballs, peppers & onions (pre chopped & frozen = convenient!), and tomato sauce over toasted double fiber english muffins.

I didn’t really like the mix on top of the english muffin, it would have been better on plain whole wheat bread, but it worked.

On my walk over to work I sipped on a cup of 60 calorie hot cocoa. It kept me warm while I trekked across town in the freezing cold weather, and it kept a smile on my face even though I knew it was going to be a long shift.

I ended up working from 4:45pm to 1:20am. Wow. Luckily from 6pm to 12pm I was busy and the time passed quickly. At midnight I got a chance to finally eat something. I ordered my usual at work: plain grilled chicken breast and steamed broccoli. (Totally forgot the phone camera secret weapon.) The last hour would have dragged more, but I got to work on my closing side work duties early. After putting away a bunch of stuff, cleaning counter tops and tables, and putting all the chairs in the dining room up on top of tables (what a workout!) I was done.Β  When I got back home I walked right past the kitchen and into the bedroom. Last year I used to pig out after long exhausting shifts. Now I know that what feels like hunger is really just my body begging for rest. I skip the binge in favor of more sleep. I didn’t rest my head against my pillow until 2:30am though, and thanks to my nasty cough, I suffered through another restless night.

In case you’re thinking, “Gross, she’s sick and she’s serving food!”, I invested in a travel size hand sanitizer that I kept in my apron all night, I was sanitizing like a mad woman

This morning I woke up feeling like crap-olla from lack of sleep, and an intensely painful throat. After popping in & out of the shower, I made myself a cup of Throat Comfort (aka liquid healing gold) and threw together a rockin’ Chobani bowl. The bowl consisted of 1 container 0% plain chobani, thawed frozen mixed berries, kashi goLean & goLean crunch, and 7 almonds to top it off. This breakfast made me happy πŸ™‚

Just the yogurt and berries before the other add-ins, look at that beautiful color!!

The finished product.

Today’s another busy day. I probably won’t get a chance to post again until very late tonight or tomorrow morning. Yesterday was my first of five shifts in a row at the pub. I’m gonna be exhausted by Sunday! But, I can’t complain when my pockets are getting $fuller$, especially since classes start next week which will cut my hours in at least half.

Have a great Wednesday (hump day!!)



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One Girl, Two Breakfasts

Good morning, beauties!

This lady got very little sleep last night. I was up all night with a killer cough, even though I threw back some NyQuil before bed! I’m feeling better now, the worst of my cold has been hitting before bed every night and lasting about an hour after getting up in the morning. My days aren’t that bad, but I can’t get solid rest. :-/

Today I wanted to try something new for breakfast, Tina‘s “baked oatmeal” to be specific. I followed the recipe, added 1/8 tsp brown sugar since I was using plain instant oats instead of the maple brown sugar ones she used, mixed in a few golden raisins and some chopped walnuts, and cooked it up in the microwave. It smelt amazing when it was done.

Sadly, it was a big ole’ flop. It was not sweet at all, very bland. After a few bites I was seriously missing my usual yogurt/fruit/kashi mix. I ate about 1/3 of it, and then dumped the rest and started over again. I’m sure it would have been really good if I was using maple walnut oats as the base, but I never buy that sugary instant stuff.

I threw together a smaller version of my Chobani bowl breakfast. I mixed one container of Chobani 0% plain, ~1/3 c thawed frozen blueberries, and ~1/4 c kashi goLean. (No measuring, just estimations)

Thaaaaat’s more like it. I enjoyed my mini yogurt mess with a cup of warm Throat Comfort Yogi Tea, made me feel sooo much better after a restless night of coughing. One of my favorite things about Yogi tea is the inspirational quote on each tea bag. Today’s was:

Cute ❀

Today’s going to be a very, very long day. (Good thing I’ve already downed a mug of Gingerbread Coffee!!) At 1pm I have a coffee date/meeting with two girls from a club that I’m on the executive board for, the Eating Disorder Awareness Committee (we run the National Eating Disorder Awareness Week on our campus which is rapidly approach at the end of THIS month!) We’re going to be brainstorming a project that I’m supposed to be spearheading, but I haven’t really done any work on it yet because of all I’ve been through this winter. Hopefully our coffee date will be fun and productive.

After we drink, talk, and brainstorm the three of us are going over to a local store to order the club’s sweatshirts for NEDA week, then I’ll be heading home to eat something and turn back around to go to work. I’m working at the pub tonight from 4:45pm till close, which means that I won’t leave the pub until probably midnight at the earliest. Hopefully because it’s 1/2 price burger night it’ll be busy, but it’s still a long shift. Maybe I’ll be so exhausted afterwards that I sleep tonight??

Classes start next Monday, and I may sound like a total geek, but I’m looking forward to it. I miss being busy with classes and I like the structure that my semester schedules gives me. I know that after only a week or so of classes I’ll be counting down the days till summer, but for now I seriously can’t wait for Spring semester to start. It better be a slow semester though, because I am so NOT ready to call myself a senior!!

How do you guys feel about school? Like it? Love it? Hate it?

Well, that’s all I have for now. See you all later!


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Fitness, Food, and Fashion

I hit the gym today for the first time since I started feeling sick last week. I went with my friend Kelsey at 5pm and did an hour of weight training and stretching while she took a cardio class. The gym was PACKED the entire time that we were there. It was overwhelming. There was no structure to my workout, just scan the crowd and find an open machine or mat. I ended up getting everything done that I wanted to, but there was way too much waiting around for me. πŸ˜›

Before heading out to the gym, I had a pre-workout snack of champions: navel orange, 6 fish oil capsules, and 2 glucosamine complex pill

I’m obsessed with navel oranges recently. They’re the perfect fruit! So sweet and delicious, why have I not been eating these my entire life?!

After the gym, I trekked back to the apartment, with two pit stops along the way: drug store for face scrub & cleanser, and an old employer for my W2 form. Good thing both spots were on Main St, on the path to my apartment (and conveniently across the street from one another). Stopped in at the apartment complex office to hand in my rent check, then finally back at home. I went straight to work making my dinner: quesadillas!

To start off, I tossed mushrooms (the very last of our supply, not even a 1/4 c, sadly), frozen mixed peppers and onion, and frozen chopped broccoli into a pan. Once they were cooked through I added a 1/2 c of black beans.

How beautiful and colorful is that? Then I grabbed two Flat Out wraps out of the fridge and reduced fat Mexican blend cheese for quesadilla assembly. Here’s what they look like inside before cooking:

Then I fold them up and cook them one at a time in the George Foreman. In the end I have two healthy, filling, nutrient packed quesadillas with a huge side of Newman’s Own organic mild salsa.

I always reserve this meal for after a tough work out because it packs a lot of calories and protein, perfect recovery food. With the salsa, I also got at least 3 if not 4 servings of vegetables in my dinner. Using some estimation, it also had 25+ grams of protein and 15+ grams of fiber. Perfect. πŸ™‚

I’m exhausted from my busy day. For my nightly sweet treat I had a cup of 60 calorie hot cocoa. Great warm, sweet ending to my night. Now I’m about to go settle into bed and watch Grammy’s Fashion Police. I love red carpet fashion, and the Grammy’s did not disappoint.

In case you missed it, here are my fav’s (and least fav’s):



I think that the jewel tone blue looked gorgeous against her skin tone and I much prefer her with dark brunette hair. Very sexy look, and hot legs!

Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland)

Sugarland was actually one of my dad’s favorite bands. I love the cropped hair, the color blocking, the subtle sexiness of the cut outs. Feminine with just a touch of flashy, perfect for Grammy’s.

Miley Cyrus

I think this is the perfect example of rock n’ roll meets red carpet. Hot mini-dress length, but fashion forward with the shoes, fabric, and long sleeves. I love a mini with long sleeves, and I thought her hair and makeup perfectly complimented the look.

Not So Stellar (in my humble opinion)

Kristen Bell

I think that she is one of the most beautiful actresses right now, but I think that the odd neck thing distracts from her beauty. She’s just too pretty for such a blah dress.


The Grammy’s is the red carpet opportunity to do something sexy, so why did Beyonce cover her gorgeous legs?! Sexy, beautiful, BEYOND talented woman, but the dress is just too conservative for such a diva.

Taylor Swift

You may disagree, but I just did not like this neck line. I thought it looked like the dress was falling off, and the squaring off around the chest made her look so flat. The material was breathtaking though, the most stunning blue glittery fabric. I think in a different design, she would have looked like the delicate beauty that Taylor is.

I could talk about fashion for hours! OK ladies, time to curl up and call it a night. Watching Fashion Police until 11pm, knocking back some NyQuil and PASSING OUT! Crazy day tomorrow, details to come.

Stay fabulous,


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