One Girl, Two Breakfasts

Good morning, beauties!

This lady got very little sleep last night. I was up all night with a killer cough, even though I threw back some NyQuil before bed! I’m feeling better now, the worst of my cold has been hitting before bed every night and lasting about an hour after getting up in the morning. My days aren’t that bad, but I can’t get solid rest. :-/

Today I wanted to try something new for breakfast, Tina‘s “baked oatmeal” to be specific. I followed the recipe, added 1/8 tsp brown sugar since I was using plain instant oats instead of the maple brown sugar ones she used, mixed in a few golden raisins and some chopped walnuts, and cooked it up in the microwave. It smelt amazing when it was done.

Sadly, it was a big ole’ flop. It was not sweet at all, very bland. After a few bites I was seriously missing my usual yogurt/fruit/kashi mix. I ate about 1/3 of it, and then dumped the rest and started over again. I’m sure it would have been really good if I was using maple walnut oats as the base, but I never buy that sugary instant stuff.

I threw together a smaller version of my Chobani bowl breakfast. I mixed one container of Chobani 0% plain, ~1/3 c thawed frozen blueberries, and ~1/4 c kashi goLean. (No measuring, just estimations)

Thaaaaat’s more like it. I enjoyed my mini yogurt mess with a cup of warm Throat Comfort Yogi Tea, made me feel sooo much better after a restless night of coughing. One of my favorite things about Yogi tea is the inspirational quote on each tea bag. Today’s was:

Cute ❤

Today’s going to be a very, very long day. (Good thing I’ve already downed a mug of Gingerbread Coffee!!) At 1pm I have a coffee date/meeting with two girls from a club that I’m on the executive board for, the Eating Disorder Awareness Committee (we run the National Eating Disorder Awareness Week on our campus which is rapidly approach at the end of THIS month!) We’re going to be brainstorming a project that I’m supposed to be spearheading, but I haven’t really done any work on it yet because of all I’ve been through this winter. Hopefully our coffee date will be fun and productive.

After we drink, talk, and brainstorm the three of us are going over to a local store to order the club’s sweatshirts for NEDA week, then I’ll be heading home to eat something and turn back around to go to work. I’m working at the pub tonight from 4:45pm till close, which means that I won’t leave the pub until probably midnight at the earliest. Hopefully because it’s 1/2 price burger night it’ll be busy, but it’s still a long shift. Maybe I’ll be so exhausted afterwards that I sleep tonight??

Classes start next Monday, and I may sound like a total geek, but I’m looking forward to it. I miss being busy with classes and I like the structure that my semester schedules gives me. I know that after only a week or so of classes I’ll be counting down the days till summer, but for now I seriously can’t wait for Spring semester to start. It better be a slow semester though, because I am so NOT ready to call myself a senior!!

How do you guys feel about school? Like it? Love it? Hate it?

Well, that’s all I have for now. See you all later!



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