Fitness, Food, and Fashion

I hit the gym today for the first time since I started feeling sick last week. I went with my friend Kelsey at 5pm and did an hour of weight training and stretching while she took a cardio class. The gym was PACKED the entire time that we were there. It was overwhelming. There was no structure to my workout, just scan the crowd and find an open machine or mat. I ended up getting everything done that I wanted to, but there was way too much waiting around for me. 😛

Before heading out to the gym, I had a pre-workout snack of champions: navel orange, 6 fish oil capsules, and 2 glucosamine complex pill

I’m obsessed with navel oranges recently. They’re the perfect fruit! So sweet and delicious, why have I not been eating these my entire life?!

After the gym, I trekked back to the apartment, with two pit stops along the way: drug store for face scrub & cleanser, and an old employer for my W2 form. Good thing both spots were on Main St, on the path to my apartment (and conveniently across the street from one another). Stopped in at the apartment complex office to hand in my rent check, then finally back at home. I went straight to work making my dinner: quesadillas!

To start off, I tossed mushrooms (the very last of our supply, not even a 1/4 c, sadly), frozen mixed peppers and onion, and frozen chopped broccoli into a pan. Once they were cooked through I added a 1/2 c of black beans.

How beautiful and colorful is that? Then I grabbed two Flat Out wraps out of the fridge and reduced fat Mexican blend cheese for quesadilla assembly. Here’s what they look like inside before cooking:

Then I fold them up and cook them one at a time in the George Foreman. In the end I have two healthy, filling, nutrient packed quesadillas with a huge side of Newman’s Own organic mild salsa.

I always reserve this meal for after a tough work out because it packs a lot of calories and protein, perfect recovery food. With the salsa, I also got at least 3 if not 4 servings of vegetables in my dinner. Using some estimation, it also had 25+ grams of protein and 15+ grams of fiber. Perfect. 🙂

I’m exhausted from my busy day. For my nightly sweet treat I had a cup of 60 calorie hot cocoa. Great warm, sweet ending to my night. Now I’m about to go settle into bed and watch Grammy’s Fashion Police. I love red carpet fashion, and the Grammy’s did not disappoint.

In case you missed it, here are my fav’s (and least fav’s):



I think that the jewel tone blue looked gorgeous against her skin tone and I much prefer her with dark brunette hair. Very sexy look, and hot legs!

Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland)

Sugarland was actually one of my dad’s favorite bands. I love the cropped hair, the color blocking, the subtle sexiness of the cut outs. Feminine with just a touch of flashy, perfect for Grammy’s.

Miley Cyrus

I think this is the perfect example of rock n’ roll meets red carpet. Hot mini-dress length, but fashion forward with the shoes, fabric, and long sleeves. I love a mini with long sleeves, and I thought her hair and makeup perfectly complimented the look.

Not So Stellar (in my humble opinion)

Kristen Bell

I think that she is one of the most beautiful actresses right now, but I think that the odd neck thing distracts from her beauty. She’s just too pretty for such a blah dress.


The Grammy’s is the red carpet opportunity to do something sexy, so why did Beyonce cover her gorgeous legs?! Sexy, beautiful, BEYOND talented woman, but the dress is just too conservative for such a diva.

Taylor Swift

You may disagree, but I just did not like this neck line. I thought it looked like the dress was falling off, and the squaring off around the chest made her look so flat. The material was breathtaking though, the most stunning blue glittery fabric. I think in a different design, she would have looked like the delicate beauty that Taylor is.

I could talk about fashion for hours! OK ladies, time to curl up and call it a night. Watching Fashion Police until 11pm, knocking back some NyQuil and PASSING OUT! Crazy day tomorrow, details to come.

Stay fabulous,



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  1. eaternotarunner

    That does look like a delicious after-gym meal!

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