Lunch Date

I tried to pull a SnackFace today and show you all the outfit I put on this morning. After posting my Lion’s Mane, I thought I had to show that I can actually look cute too. 😉 I’m not nearly as good at the mirror shot as Ms. SnackFace herself is (that girl’s a pro!) but I did my best.

Wet Seal scarf, Old Navy gray tee, Aeropostale pink tank, Old Navy dark denim skinny jeans, Payless black flat boots. Hair tamed into pigtails & clip

I did serious damage to my hair last year between extreme stress and multiple dyings. It completely changed texture on me and was very broken at the ends. This fall I chopped off about 5 inches of dead hair and my hair is finally healthy again. Now that I’ve got my natural curls back (not pictured) I’m growing my hair out again so that I can have the huge curly mess on top of my head that I had all through high school. However, now I’m in the awkward medium stage of growing out the hair. It doesn’t look quite right straightened (better curly), and you’re tempted to cut it, but you have to bite the bullet and deal with some bad hair days to get to the length you want. Don’t you hate that in between stage?! It’s still not long enough for a ponytail, so the pig tails sufficed today, although I do find them a bit childish. (They were totally inspired by Meghann‘s post where she sported pigtails.)

Lunch with Brendan was nice. We went to one of the food courts on campus. I made an excellent meal using the salad bar: carrots, green bell pepper, cucumber, hummus, tofu, grapes, and crusty bread.

Mobile Upload

I figured out how to take pictures with my phone and then get those pictures onto my computer via the awesome snapfish website. I’m really excited I figured that out, I always felt so awkward taking out my camera and snapping photos of my food in public. Now it just looks like I’m looking at something on my phone, but I’m really capturing a photo for the blog. Creepster level: 6 Awesome level: 10 😛

There’s also an undocumented mini Reece’s cup that I gladly accepted when Brendan offered it to me when we were done eating. All you have to do is pull out a Reese’s cup from your pocket and I’ll be your friend.. I love them! The perfect candy, hands down. (Also undocumented, the bite of Brendan’s mozzerella stick that I had. Delicious, in that greasy college food kind of way.. but definitely not something I could eat a whole basket of without my stomach hating me afterwards)

Now I’m sitting in the food court on my laptop. I’m just gonna spend the next few hours blog-surfing and doing some work for one of the clubs I’m in. I could easily be doing this in my apartment but I like getting out of my room and switching up my environment. Plus, the food court has a Dunkin Donuts so now I’m sipping on a medium toasted almond coffee w/ skim milk and 2 splenda. I told you guys I love my coffee! I actually really like Dunkin’s iced coffee, but since I had visible goosebumps all through lunch I decided the hot option would be better this time.

Hope your day is going well. I feel like such a bum since all I have to report is a lunch date and a gym date later this afternoon. Once classes start in a week I’ll have way more to talk about.

Peace, Love, and Coffee,


P.S.: Kings of Leon just came on in the student food court and now I’m definitely gonna go make a Kings of Leon Pandora station to rock out to for the next few hours. If you’ve never used Pandora before, go try it out immediately. It’s the absolute best site for music.


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  1. You are too cute! Great picture! Glad to see you’re staying positive and posting regularily!!

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