Blogging Eats

To blog your eats or to not blog your eats? That is the question. It’s a controversial topic, especially when the blogger has any past or current issues with disordered eating. Sometimes logging your daily bites in pictures & descriptions can lead to an unhealthy obsession with food. Other times it acts as motivation to make you eat healthier. I’ve blogged with food pictures before and I’ve blogged without. I’ve enjoyed both and seen the benefits of both. I’ve decided, after much thought, to start posting my eats on the blog again starting tomorrow. Since I’m slightly OCD and love making lists, here’s a breakdown of why I want to add food to my posts:

  • People are ever-evolving creatures. No one person is exactly the same from day to day. Through experiences, challenges, lessons, etc we learn and grow. Although this blog originally focused on overcoming chronic binge eating, I have since switched the focus of my life. Now that I have a rather strong hold on the bingeing problem (no on is invincible though), my goal is no longer to prevent emotional eating. After the passing of my father, my focus is really to just live the healthiest life I can in honor of his memory and his struggle with cancer. I think that documenting my eats will help me make healthier choices.
  • As a college student, I know that it’s easy to get into a food-rut. So many of us over-scheduled, under-rested undergrads rely on protein bars, microwave meals, and fast food breakfast sandwiches to get us through our days. But college eating can be SO much more than that!! I want to be an example for how diverse, delicious, and healthy a college diet can be. I’m a nutrition major after all, I’m actively learning this stuff in my classes.. I better be able to put it to use everyday! And I feel like, lately, I haven’t been as much as I could. So starting the food posts again will kick my butt in the healthy direction.
  • This is not about showing how *perfect* I can eat. There is no such thing as a perfect diet. It’s also not about showing how small my portions can be, or about comparing my daily food intake to other bloggers, or anything else beyond just wanting to eat a healthy, balanced diet.
  • I really really really just like foood! I like talking about food, I like eating food, I like cooking food. And it’s SOOO much better to talk about food if you all get to see it. 😉

So starting tomorrow you’re gonna start seeing food on the blog again. I hope you’re looking forward to it. (I am!!) And I also hope that you understand that by adding the food to the blog I am doing something that is 100% not harmful towards the progress I’ve made thus far, and can only move me forward in my journey to health and happiness. Also know that I have given it a lot of the thought, weighed the pro’s and con’s, and I know that I’m making the right decision doing this.

Another new thing on the blog: diversifying it. I don’t want the food blog to be only about food (yes, I did type food instead of blog at first… one track mind, lol). I want it to become more like some of my favorite blogs: Peanut Butter and Jenny, SnackFace, and Hangry Pants whose amazing authors add humor, fashion, pop culture, and more into their blogs routinely. I wanna do the occasional post about trashy TV, or red carpet fashion, or a post dedicated to our adorable cat at home (I’m sure all you animal loving bloggers will love that!) Just more fun, all around!

Look forward to big, positive changes in the future here at Foregoing Perfection. I think we’re going places, ladies… and I think you’re gonna like it.

Ta Ta for Now,



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  1. eaternotarunner

    I can’t wait!

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