Snooze Queen

My alarm this morning was set for 8:30am, but when it went off I was no where near ready to get out of bed and start my day. So I turned it off and went back to sleep. When left to my own devices this morning, I slept in until 10am. Getting up at 10 felt sooo much better.

I’m grabbing lunch with my friend Brendan at noon, so I didn’t need to eat a huge breakfast but I wanted a little something in my belly. Breakfast is one of my fav meals of the day (it’s a three way tie between Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner..:-P) so there was no way I was skipping it. I ate the very last of my chobani 0% plain container with thawed frozen blueberries, kashi goLean & kashi Heart 2 Heart, and a few almonds on top.

One of my favorite things about the chobani 16 oz containers is that it works as it’s own bowl for the last serving. I’ve gotten really into using frozen berries for my morning Greek Yogurt Mess. Frozen berries are usually cheaper (college student budget) and I love how they release juice when they thaw.. turning my yogurt a beautiful purple/pink color. Plus, with the juice the sweetness of the fruit mixes in a lot better to the yogurt, so there’s no need for extra sweetener. I could seriously eat this every day (and I practically do!)

After my breakfast I was craving some coffee. This girl looooooves coffee. We have a Keurig in the apartment and it’s amazing. Since there’s only two of us living here, and we live by very different schedules, the one cup @ a time system works way better than a pot of coffee would.

I used my favorite coffee mug today..

Love the quote! What a great, inspiring message. ❤

I filled the mug with Pumpkin Spice Coffee + 1 packet Sun Crystals + unsweetened plain soy milk. Then, I happily downed it..

You guys like my morning Lion’s Mane?!?!?! I swear, I have the craziest hair in the morning!!

Now I’m sitting back, watching a little TV until I go out for lunch. Other plans for the day? Gym. And that’s about it. I have the entire day to myself. The rest of the week is going to be super busy, I hope today doesn’t go by too fast!

See you soon,



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  1. eaternotarunner

    Enjoy your relaxing day, I’m jealous!

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