The Day Thus Far

Hey hey there. Happy Tuesday.

I started off my day by missing my alarm. I was supposed to wake up at 6am. I woke up at 5:40am thinking, “nice, 20 more minutes to sleep”. Then I woke up at 6:40am and thought “CRAP!!” I wanted to be at the gym by 6:45am, but the walk to the gym alone takes 15 minutes!! Thankfully, I put out clothes and packed my book bag the night before, so I was able to make up some of my 40 minutes lost.

Once I made it to the gym I did 30 minutes on the elliptical (last 8 minutes I was workin’ it out like a mad woman!) Then I did four arm exercises, some lunges, some squats and I was out the door. Three minutes later I sat down in my seat in my 8am class. By 10:45am I’d already worked out and had two classes. What a productive morning!

Unlike last year when all I wanted to do was burn as many calories as possible every time I was in the gym, this time I actually had a balanced workout, even though I was rushed for time. Last year with 45 minutes in the gym I would think that is not enough time. It needs to be all cardio. I wish it was 60 minutes. But now, I thought to myself OK 30 minutes cardio instead of 45 minutes won’t kill me, and doing some weight training is really important. What a great mentality shift.

Another thing to mention: unless I was going to the 7am Yoga class, last year I never went to the gym at 6:45am unless it was punishment. I would binge and then think to myself, “I’m disgusting and fat and I need to be at the gym first thing tomorrow to get rid of this”. Then I would go to the gym and the entire time negative self-talk would be blaring in my mind. Now, I go to the gym at 6:45am and I’m proud of myself for starting my day off on a healthy foot. It’s a positive experience now.

I ate my breakfast in two parts this morning: a banana right after the gym, and a (natural) PB & (all-fruit strawberry jam) J sammie on whole wheat. It was pretty delicious. I was always a grape jelly girl, but last week I got the strongest craving for strawberry jam (the good kind with the seeds in there!). So I got a jar this weekend, and this morning was my first time using it. Now I know why I was craving it!! I haven’t eaten a PB&J in years, probably because it packs a moderate caloric punch for a sandwich, and in the past that used to scare me. But now I think, whole grains + healthy fat + fruit sugar = energy! Energy to keep me going, help my brain function, and repair my body after a work out. Calories aren’t something to fear, they’re fuel

I got back to my apartment at 11am, and between showering, sending e-mails, and working on a problem in my end-of-the-semester project for class, I had used up all my time! I had to gather my things and head right back out the door for my 1pm appointment with my academic adviser. I had no time to eat lunch, but I did pack a snack and dinner for later in the day.

I didn’t end up eating until 2pm. I grabbed food from the food court on campus. I was originally planning on get the half-sized vegetarian roll with edamame, but since I hadn’t eaten in 4 1/2 hours, I went for the full-sized vegetarian roll. Honestly, are more carrots, cucumbers, avocado, and a small amount white rice going to kill me? No.

Plan for the rest of the day:

Study Macronutrients. I did horrible on the last exam. I had just come off of a week at home with my dad in the hospital, I had a huge migraine the night before the exam, and the morning of the exam my dad was admitted back into the hospital. It was not the best time for a major exam, and my grade definitely shows it. I pride myself on my school work, and it was a real blow to my ego when I got that grade back. I’m hoping to do way better on this exam. Wish me luck!!

I’ll be studying from now until 5pm, 5pm-7pm class, and then studying 7pm-9pm-ish. I won’t be back in my apartment until after 9pm (hence the packed food).

What’s in my nifty lunch bag you may ask…

  • greek yogurt w/ strawberries and granola + almond slivers
  • an entire red pepper chopped up and carrots with hummus
  • mini salad w/ lite balsamic dressing
  • triscuits with a laughing cow cheese

**And a chick-o-stick may have snuck into my book bag and been eaten when I was dragging after my meeting. 😉 If you don’t know what they are, they’re basically like the inside of a butterfinger rolled in toasted coconut. It’s been carried over from my vegan days to my vegetarian days. **

Plus I have a lot of edamame leftover from lunch. My lunch bag is seriously packed to the brim. It should keep me full throughout my day. In the past, days leading up to busy exams were triggers for binging and stress eating. Usually, that list of food would look more like CARBS CARBS CARBS. It would be completely unbalanced, and the frequent sugar high’s and crashes would suck my dry of the energy I needed to work. This time I’m trying to keep that under control. I think I’m doing a pretty good job :

OK, blogging is a GREAT distraction, but I need to study now. 😛 Have a great rest of your day, and I’ll see you all back here tomorrow!


And can I just say, I’m really enjoying blogging again 😉


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  1. i was laughing reading your blog because i really really really need to be studying right now too (for my NASM personal training exam!!!) i’m so not ready. instead i have blogging all day!!

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