Time Flies..

My head is spinning! I can’t believe I moved into my apartment 5 days ago. I have no idea where the time went, it’s all a blur. I’ve been so incredibly busy that it’s hard to keep the days straight, and classes haven’t even started yet. I’m exhausted, and I’m 100% booked for the next week, but maybe it will calm down after that.

Work is crazy and they have me for 30 hours this week to get all my training done. After this week I should be doing only 2 days a week at the restaurant, and picking up extra work over at the pizza joint (they gave me a raise when I said I would grab occasional shifts!) I’m really nervous about validating on Friday (serving the managers). I want to do well and impress them but it’s my first waitressing job so I feel like there’s still going to be so much I don’t know by then. Oh dear, in a few months I’ll have it all down like the back of my hand, but right now it’s scary.

Eating has been going consistently pretty well. I’ve been so busy that there’s really no time to think about food! I eat my meals (never skipping) and then don’t think about it afterwards. Not having the free time to sit around and think about food has been such a major help. These past days I’ve just been eating when I’m hungry, stopping when I’m done, and moving on with life. Giving food the amount of attention it deserves and nothing more feels so freeing.

Seeing everyone since coming back in town has also been a great self esteem boost. Last year I was so painfully antisocial and anxiety-ridden when I was around others that I couldn’t enjoy company. This year already seems worlds better. I have had a great time catching up with people, and I already have two lunch dates this week with two different guys! 😉 One is just a friend who’s taking a grad class this fall. He needed someone to go to lunch with on Tues/Thur after he gets out of class at 10:45am. I happen to also get out of class at 10:45am so we decided that I would be his lunch buddy on the first day of classes. However, my other lunch “date” is with the guy I like! He still has the gf, so it’s not an actual date. But it is the first time that we are seeing each other since I moved in ,and I’m really looking forward to it. It actually took us a few days to even get in contact with one another, but our phone conversation yesterday was fantastic. It flowed so easily, like we’d been hanging out all summer. I’ll make sure to post about our lunch on Wednesday.

Today’s agenda: Sit around the apartment until 3:30pm relaxing/studying the pub menu. 4pm till ??? I’ll be at the pub training. Then my lovely friend Brendan is going to walk me home to my apartment where we’ll be able to catch up. Hopefully I’ll be in bed by midnight or soon after because I have an early morning tomorrow, first day of classes and I have an 8am! This is going to be one ridiculous semester.

-Emma K.


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