Quick Little Update Post

Hey everyone! I’m officially all moved into the apartment with only a few things still to get. We moved in on Wednesday and although it was exhausting it went very smoothly. Yesterday was my first day at my new Irish pub job. Not much to report on yesterday, future shifts are sure to be more exciting. They basically own my life though for the next 10 days because we need to get (NINE) training shifts done with ASAP. I’m doing a double today (11am training/5pm training), a total of roughly 30 training hours, 12 serving hours, and I think I’m also going to be picking up 10 extra hours at my old job on top of that just to stay on their good side because I loved them and feel bad for quitting, even though I know waitressing is a HUGE step up salary-wise.

My first two waitressing shifts are going to be ridiculous: saturday dinner & sunday brunch. Saturday dinner their going to only have me on a two table section (I’ll only get like half the tips, but fine by me… two tables on a Saturday will be crazy enough when this if my first waitressing shift ever). Oddly enough, out of the four girls training yesterday, I have the least experience, but I’m the first one to do a serving shift on my own. Gotta prove myself! Also found out that they have a gigantic stack of applications and only hired 4 people, so I am beyond lucky that I got this job, especially with no experience. I have no idea how it happened, but I’m looking forward to working hard and showing them that hiring me was the right thing to do. Everyone there seemed super nice also, major plus. More pub updates to come in the future.

Food wise, first two days in the apartment were fantastic. I’ve been so busy that there was barely any time to think about food! No late night bingeing temptations. In fact, at home I usually have a nighttime snack every night, the first two days in the apartment I didn’t. I was satisfied with my dinners, quickly changed course and thought about things that weren’t food, and stayed busy until I went to bed. I think that at home I felt like my PM snack was something to look forward to, something fun about my day. But now since I have so much going on the only time I eat is when it really dawns on me that I’m hungry. Of course, I’m making all these statements based on only two days in the apartment, but still… I think that this will remain (mostly) true for the entire year.

Well just thought I would check in. I’m do fantastic, working hard already even though classes don’t even start until Tuesday, and having a great time. The next two weeks are going to be crazy between getting through waitress training, picking up extra shifts at the calzone shop, starting classes, and jumping into club exec board duties. Come mid-September things will calm down, I’ll get into a more steady routine, and I’ll be able to post about one or two days at a time instead of 5-7. But until then, I’ll do general updates.

Stay positive girls! And remember, that you are always exceptional. I don’t know of finer women than the ones in the blogging community, and you all prove that every single time that I post. I thank you again for all your support. I look forward to talking to you soon.

Emma K.


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  1. So good to hear that you are doing well, and kudos on the new job! I’m sure you will do fantastic during the Saturday night and Sunday brunch shifts. I have found that living on my own and away from home makes eating the way I want to eat a lot easier because I am not constantly surrounded by the tempting foods that my brother and dad enjoy. I mean, we all love candy, but I am not going to go out and spend my hard-earned money on skittles when I can use that money to buy a nice fresh mango (or at least that is how I feel about it all). Anyways, keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see how your weekend shifts go as well as future life updates! You go girl!

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