Getting to Know You

A little survey action so you all can get to know me better? Sounded like a good idea to me!


1. color? red
2. Food? ((how do you choose?!)) tempeh in everything?
3. sport? does Zumba count? 😉
4. kind of vehicle? Ford Focus
5. Smell? salt water, cinnamon
6. Brand of shoes? Steve Madden if I didn’t hate the thought of spending money on shoes!
7. Movie? The Notebook, The Dark Knight, The Sex and the City Movie
8. book? Pride and Prejudice, Candide, Withering Heights
9. animal? our cat Tillie
10. band/singer? Incubus, but I’m obsessed with Lady GaGa at the moment
11. song? Wish You Were Here-Incubus, reminds me of home
12. music video? Here We Go Again- OK Go
13. quotes: “But what if you miss the firework spectacular?”
14. Gum? 5
15. Nail polish color? I don’t really do nail polish, but something dark
16. school subject? in high school: math, in particular AP Calculus
17. teacher? Professor Edwards
18. number? 7
19. lip gloss flavor? i don’t like my glosses to be flavored
20. midnight snack? dry cereal
21. holiday? Christmas
22. month? July
23. year that you were alive? definitely not this past year. Maybe senior year of high school?
24. season? summer or fall
25. shampoo? at the moment: Herbal Essence- Degunkify
26. candy bar? Snickers
27. candy? chick-o-sticks?
28. soda? don’t really like soda
29. tv show? Sex and the City, Bravo trashy reality TV shows
30. hobby? theater, cooking
31. cartoon character? the Rugrats characters
32. clothing brand: Forever 21 because they’re cheap!
33. basketball team: none
34. hockey team: none
35. athlete? Michael Phelps? hot. from the chin down 😉
36. flower? anything bright and pretty!
37. tree? Palm trees!
38. kind of coumputer? my laptop
39. vacation spot? anywhere with a gorgeous beach
40. color to write in? black
41. body spray/perfume? Pure Seduction from Victoria’s Secret
41. fruit? umm all?! strawberries, frozen grapes, blackberries
42. vegetable? bell peppers and broccoli
43. Icecream: mint chocolate chip
47. word: dipsomaniac
48. drink? water



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4 responses to “Getting to Know You

  1. Number 35 made me laugh true though!

  2. I am SO there with you on the chick-o-sticks. I wrote a whole post awhile back on my obsession with Atkinsons SUGAR FREE chickosticks, and peanutbutter crunch bars (even better). I have never had a chick-o-stick before in my life, let alond those peanut butter ones! It’s what I want on my death bed! How could I not have known about these before??!?!

  3. Jackeline

    OMG. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip too, its the best. Yum. Happy bday!!! Hope you had a good one. =D

  4. Aww I’ll say a prayer for your dad girl 🙂 stay smiling and think about how much of a fabulous time you’ll have in NY!!

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