Losing My Zumba Virginity

Finally a day with sunshine! Too bad it had to be a Saturday, because that meant the beaches were crowded with “bennies” and I stayed far, far away. I like the beach, but I’m a local… I don’t want to deal with the masses :-P. I’d much rather wait for a sunny weekday morning.


This morning I had a “special” breakfast, something out of the ordinary. I had two Nature’s Path Flax Plus waffles w/ Smart Balance Light, real maple syrup (no high fructose pancake syrup for me!), a few chopped walnuts, 1/2 banana, blueberries, and grapes. It was pretty good.. but honestly, I kinda missed my bowl of cereal! It was good to step out of my comfort zone, but tomorrow I’ll go back to my loyal cereal. And, as you can tell by the photo, I forgot to take a picture until I had already enjoyed a bite. Covered it up pretty well with fruit though! 😉


Early P.M.

Just before lunch, the mail came and I got a delivery! I got the three workbooks that I ordered from Amazon. So far I’ve only read the Introductions and flipped through but they look great. I’m looking forward to starting them. I think I’m going to be ambitious and try the first exercise in each book this weekend.


I was planning on a salad for lunch, but I had no salad greens! So I had to pull something else together. Instead, I had a plate of carrots, yellow and orange bell pepper, and snow peas with a big heaping serving of roasted garlic hummus. On the side: Stacy’s Multigrain Pita Chips and homemade bruschetta. It was pretty darn good, even if it was a last minute choice.

Bruschetta Close-Up

Bruschetta Close-Up

My brother and I were supposed to go up to the hospital with my mom this afternoon to see my father, but he called at around 2pm and told us not to. The future is really uncertain and he’s feeling pretty low, so he thought it was best if he had less visitors since he wasn’t up for company. We found out later today that he’ll be put on a new medication that’s supposed to work in conjunction with the drug he’s on that doesn’t seem to be effective anymore. The drug is very new. It was in medical trial in 2006 and was only approved for patients very recently. Not much is known about it, and we’re not sure what it’ll do for his tumor. But it’s all we’ve got now, so he’s going to try it. He may be home tomorrow or Monday. We’re hoping for the best.

At 3:30pm I headed over to the gym. I tried Zumba today! Finally! It’s been all the rage for months and now I’ve tried it. When I found out they had a 4pm Saturday class I knew that would be the one for me, less crowded, less intimidating. And since it was the first beach weekend of the summer, it was really empty, only 10-15 of us. I really enjoying it! The hour long class definitely got my heart rate up, got me sweating, and I loved how we were constantly changing moves and intensity so my body was always challenged. Plus it was fun!

After the class I did some strength training: 3 arm exercises, 3 leg, 3 ab, 2 back and headed home. But first I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some essentials like salad mix, strawberries, Kashi goLean Crunch, and whole grain tortillas.

Late P.M.

Once I was all showered I got to making dinner. Salad, again. I’m thinking I’ll probably take a break from salad tomorrow. This one wasn’t one of my more inventive ones, but it was tasty and filled me up. The mix: salad greens, grated carrots, red onion, red bell pepper, cucumber, slightly steamed broccoli, poppy & onion sesame sticks, blackened tempeh, and vegan caesar dressing.



The salad was so big that my usual eye-balled amount of dressing wasn’t enough and I had to go back for more! It was huge.

After dinner I went to a friends house for a few hours and hung out with her and her mom on their porch. It was nice to spend time outside on a summer evening. All the other evenings in June were too darn wet!

My friend’s mom but out some dessert: chocolate covered pomegranate seeds and Newman’s Ginger O’s. I had two little seeds and no cookies. Ginger O’s and I have a history… I have a hard time stopping at one, and often eat them until the thought of the cream center makes me want to hurl. So I decided I would skip on the dessert and make myself something good when I got home. I knew exactly what I wanted…


I made some quick and easy chocolate drizzled strawberries by melting a tablespoon or so (no measuring) of vegan chocolate chips in a plastic bag in the microwave. I cut the corner, drizzled the chocolate, and let them sit a few minutes in the refrigerator. At the same time, I microwaved a Cliff Z Bar Chocolate Brownie Bar for 15 seconds. Then I put (what looked like) 2 tsp White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter from PB & Co. on top. Yum.

It was my first time trying White Chocolate Wonderful and it was amazing. Tasted like the inside of a Reese’s Cup! It was a big deal that I bought this peanut butter, because I never allowed myself to before. Before I thought, peanut butter is a high calorie food I am only gonna eat it if it is the most nutritious peanut butter I can get, which in my opinion is unsalted, all natural, just peanuts. White Chocolate Wonderful was a.) not the healthiest thing ever and b.) a fine candidate for binge eating. So for far to long I ignored it. Not anymore! I actually bought it two weeks ago and I am SO proud of myself that it took me this long to open it. Not because I was depriving myself or showing will-power, but because I waited until a time I really wanted it instead of just mindlessly eating it. I still plan on having natural unsalted pb as my peanut butter of choice 9 out of 10 times, but the decadent PB & Co. peanut butters are a great treat, and a lot healthier than a lot of things!

Now it’s time for me to get into bed, maybe do a workbook exercise, and then go to sleep. But before I do, I want to share with you a challenge that I’m facing head on tomorrow:

Lack of Control

Tomorrow I am going to my cousin’s high school graduation party. The party is all afternoon and includes a meal, but who knows what kind of vegan option there will be. I’m not fretting though! Instead of going there with no plan and then bingeing on things like white bread and graduation cake which will make me feel gross, I’m bringing my own snacks in case there’s nothing for me. I plan on bringing roasted edamame and a Larabar.  That and whatever party foods I can manage should be enough to hold me over. Plus I’m gonna start my day with a big bowl of whole grain cereal and lots of fruit before we go, a nourishing lunch is key to warding off binges.

Wish me luck! Parties are always possible triggers, but I’m working on fighting back!



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4 responses to “Losing My Zumba Virginity

  1. Hi there! I just found your blog through Jenny’s (Peanut Butter and Jenny) and I LOVE it and your attitude!! I’m in recovery from Anorexia Nervosa, but from the age of 9 until the age of 14 (when I turned to restricting) I was an emotional/binge eater paired with cycles of bulimia, so I identify a lot with what you have to say. I’m so, so impressed too by your beautiful food and photography – you’ve definitely given me a lot of inspiration for new meals ( I tend to get stuck in repetitive ruts. ) I also adore the name of your blog – so profound, so true. And the ultimate goal for many of us, no?
    You, my friend, are going on my blogroll right now. Thank you for your amazing posts! ❤ xxxx

  2. frenchybelle

    SUPER yummy eats for sure!!!!

    Found your blog from Jenny’s post! There is soooo much support on the blog-sphere! I’ll be following 🙂

  3. Those waffles look so yummy!! And welcome to the blogworld =)

  4. Zumba is great. It has became part of our new resolutions. What a beautiful feeling of change. Thanks.

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